• The Ibu Foundation helped to pay their workshop rent and utilities. We also bought new sewing and overlock machines.

  • During the pandemic, we sent emergency relief to be used as artisan salaries while their work was paused.

  • One donor funded the production of a marketing video. In addition, the Foundation funded the development of a website so that SheWorks can enhance their online presence and expand their market.

SheWorks is a social enterprise that was founded in 2019 by Samina Mahmud. Samina has over 30 years of experience working in the high-end textile and clothing business. She received her diploma in marketing from Boston College in 1987, and then established her own brand, Zargul, based in Islamabad from 1988-2001. At its peak, she employed 70 skilled artisans in an operation that catered to a local and international clientele. After moving to Canada in 2001, Samina worked for various high-end fashion businesses in Toronto, and then fifteen years later moved to Pakistan to work for Indus Heritage Trust.

In 2021, Samina opened the social enterprise, SheWorks, with a goal to support marginalized communities while helping artisans transition into entrepreneurs who can independently produce and market their products. The Ibu Foundation is proud to support the development of SheWorks as they grow their brand.

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