• Ibu Foundation provided funding of $5,000 for a new atelier that would result in a safer working environment, upgraded equipment, and a space to produce marketing materials.

  • In August 2021, we sent emergency relief support for artisans affected by the horrific earthquake.

  • The safer workspace in Port-au-Prince has saved so many of the women, but they now need equipment because they had to leave that behind, and the gangs have taken it all. They are building from scratch, and have only been working by hand, but the equipment will help with efficiency.

Bien Abyé is a brand designed and hand-crafted by women in Haiti who make handbags, home decor, and accessories through beading and embroidery. The brand stems from designer, Dayanne Danier’s Creole roots, and expresses the importance of looking stunning while embracing all aspects of one’s personal lifestyle. Bien Abyé is created by 65 artisans in two regions of Haiti. They use their talent to feed their families, educate their kids, and endure their daily struggles.

As the political situation in Haiti worsened, the Ibu store and the Ibu Foundation have shown support for this cooperative. The Ibu store started out by selling the Iris clutch, as well as a pink leopard clutch, and silk headbands.

The Ibu Foundation granted Bien Abyé one of the largest donations in 2021, impacting over 65 women and their families. They were given funds for emergency relief artisans affected by the deadly earthquake, as well as funds for upgraded equipment, a safer workspace, and funds for marketing materials including a video for marketing.

In Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, the women from Bien Abye were relocated to a safer workspace due to horrible gang related violence. The women had to exit from the building after an attempted kidnapping of the manager, with no time to pack up their equipment. This led to the team having to make everything by hand - not just the beadwork, but the office bookkeeping as well - so providing equipment to these women will make a huge difference in their efficiency, organization, and their quality control.

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