• Ibu Foundation funded a flagship store in Islamabad for $60,000

SheWorks is a social enterprise that  was founded in 2019 by Samina Mahmud. SheWorks answers the demand for unique artisan-made products that express worldliness, exclusive access and ethical luxury. Shifts in values towards global sustainability, particularly in the young and affluent consumers, are inspiring greater commitment to fair trade. This has created an opportunity for artisanal products catering to a growing market segment as well as the luxury elite. SheWorks is a social enterprise that strives to fill the gaps existing in supporting income generation opportunities in the textile centered craft industry of Pakistan. SheWorks's focus is on creating opportunities to initiate collaboration between artisans, designers, researchers and techies to explore the development of a strong international crafts community that is in touch with cultural heritage and open to innovation and development.

SheWorks has a goal to support marginalized communities while helping artisans transition into entrepreneurs who can independently produce and market their products. The Ibu Foundation is proud to support the development of SheWorks as they grow their brand.


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