Better, Together

Better, Together

I look out over a table of elderflower cocktails and see women diving into conversation that matters, reaching into each other's eyes, each other's lives.

I see men absorbed in our artisan presentation, rapt to hear about life on the other side of their world.  

I see a mother wrapping a ravishing shawl around her wide-eyed daughter. I see a friend advising her friend on a necklace which unlocks her face.

I see a woman emerging from the dressing room where, perhaps for the first time, her soul is being dressed, and she finds her friends applauding.

I see hands pouring over fabric in the studio as our designer, Marisa, unspools the magic of the hand-made.

I see clusters of strangers connecting common threads on the rooftop as the late afternoon sun dips behind our Charleston skyline. And weaving them together… into a Movement.

And, I think, this—all of this—is the Ibu Experience. 

The Ibu Experience

Because these moments are transformative, and because we know that you may not call Charleston home, our team has created a new way for you to craft this experience for yourself and your friends. After all, our city is a destination for over seven million visitors each year. We often welcome allies who've made a pilgrimage to the Ibu epicenter to touch the artisanal creations with their own hands and learn more first-hand. So, we decided, let's make it even better for you.

With our new Ibu Experience, we offer you the opportunity to reserve a day and time to bring 5 (or even 50!) friends with you to Ibu. We love providing:

  • a visual presentation by our team introducing the work of our remarkable artisan partners,
  • a hands-on studio visit to learn about the design background and hand-crafted heritage, techniques, 
  • individual Ibu styling for those who choose,
  • refreshments on the rooftop, and a
  • 15% discount on all that you and your friends may want to take (or ship) home with you.  

The Ibu Experience

What it takes to secure this private experience is a reservation with our stellar team member, Laura Kappus, a minimum of 6 adults, $30 per person, and a readiness to roam the world. Shape it as you like: 

  • morning coffee on a girlfriend trip 
  • bachelorette dress-up party
  • rooftop cocktails with your school class reunion or after-hours work group        
  • an intimate and inspiring friends' party for locals
  • a holiday gathering for meaningful gift buying.

The best parts of this experience? Hands-on learning. Personal styling. Fun with friends. Inspiring connections with women of the world. And access to one of the only private rooftops in Charleston. 

 The Ibu Experience allows us to accomplish our aim, which is to bring you closer to the inspiring women of the world and their stories, their creations; as well as to bring you closer to each other as allies in the Ibu Movement. Will you consider bringing your friends into the Ibu Experience? Because, well, we're better, together.

All the best,

The Ibu Experience

To contact Laura Kappus and explore the Ibu Experience further, take a look at our websiteemail Laura, or contact her at Ibu at 843-327-8304.