Bold One of a Kind Jewelry from Morocco

At one of our first Ibu Trunk Shows seven years ago, a woman in Birmingham, Alabama tried on a colorful jacket and looked in the mirror.  Oh, she said, a bit nervous, you have to be bold to wear this.  Yes! I heard myself saying, we want to bring the bold out in every woman. And so it was that an off-the-cuff reply became a pillar of our work. 

Boldness, as I mean it here, is not about being brash or loud, but about being honest. It isn't about being showy, but about showing up for your self. It isn't about being the center of attention, but about paying attention to what matters, and using your fine voice to speak up for it.

Boldness is what leads you straight through the fields of risk and into the dream of your best self.  As Goethe famously challenged all:  

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. 
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
It's that boldness Goethe was talking about which propels women around the world to begin disrupting the cycle of poverty and prejudice that has crippled women in their families for generations.  When their efforts find our foothold, then there is magic.

In Marrakesh, these women are making complex jewelry with antique amulets and shells designed by their friend, and mine, Jewels (who needs no further naming). I’ve visited them over many years and take joy in seeing their faces, shaped by self-respect. I want to join women like these everywhere in becoming bolder for each other. There is genius in it, and power. Together - I am certain of this now - there is magic.