Feeding the Soul

Feeding the Soul

Dear Ibu Allies,
Thank You for Remembering Us. Those words were printed on a banner hanging behind the Afghan women of Kandahar Treasure when they received emergency relief food packets from Ibu Foundation. Every photo I see and every artisan I speak with—either over zoom or via WhatsApp—is a reminder of how different our lives are, yet at the core, we all have similar needs and dreams. In the Western world we sometimes get lost in the day-to-day business of work, errands, and to-do lists. When I slow down, and recognize the basic needs I often take for granted, it reminds me that caring for one another is what matters most. I am grateful that through the Ibu Foundation we can make a difference by providing support and positively impacting thousands of women around the world.

Kandahar Treasure women and food supplies

Some of you attended our Global Champions event in March where the Kandahar Treasure founder, Rangina Hamidi, spoke about the women in Afghanistan who face a regime determined to silence women’s voices; and how Kandahar Treasure continues to bring these strong and talented women to light by negotiating the opportunity for them to work. At the event, we featured the intricately embroidered cocktail napkins and pillows the women made, and you purchased them with great enthusiasm (a new shipment is on its way as I type)!

Kandahar Treasure cocktail napkins and pillows

Supporting the women by creating a marketplace for their crafts is one of Ibu’s most fundamental goals. However, in times of extreme need, it’s not always enough. Earlier this year, Rangina sent us an email saying that 85 families were in dire need of food. She told us many Kandahar Treasure orders had dried up, and that women were coming into the office daily, seeking work to feed their families. The Foundation Board immediately approved Rangina’s request and we moved forward quickly to provide $15,000 to support 125 families with supplies of flour, beans, sugar, tea, and rice.

Rangina recently reached out with thanks for this support, saying,

Quote from Rangina Hamidi

We thank you for contributing to the Ibu Foundation to make these gifts possible, and for purchasing their goods to keep the marketplace flourishing. And, to the women from Kandahar Treasure, yes, we remember you more than you know and we thank you for reminding us to take a step back, and realize what matters most—building a brighter future for all women, together.

Many Thanks,

Hannah Blatt
Ibu Foundation Executive Director