Hand-woven Alpaca from Peru

Born in Peru, a girl named America grows up wanting to help women, especially mothers, particularly widows. It's a dream of hers, pure and simple; and more than that, her life's work.

She partners with a world-traveled designer, once she comes of age, and begins to search out women - in her city of Lima and in the Peruvian highlands - whose skills can lift them out of poverty, if only they can find a way to market their work, and materials to use.

Today, America has assembled 250 women across the country: knitting, weaving, crocheting in their homes while their children play at their knees - and earning a living wage. She calls them Mothers In Action.

In the Andes, alpaca feed on a natural Hichu grass, which grows above the tree line.
So, trees are not cut.  

The alpaca are sheared for their fluffy wool, some of the softest anywhere.
So, the animals are not harmed.

The mothers receive training in recycling and care for the earth, as well as health and nutrition.
So, families are better for it. 

The mothers customized their alpaca into a soft powerful pink for Ibu, a deep fuchsia, and our
ever-popular shaggy black. I can't think of anything softer, simpler, more enveloping. Pure in product and purpose.  

What's good for the earth, good for America, and good for these mothers-in-action is good for me. There's power in pink.  

All the best,
Susan Hull Walker