Hand-Woven Caftans from India

Devon Fisher started Pondicherie after many years of working with philanthropic organizations dedicated to women's empowerment and gender equality.  She founded her business with a vision to support sustainable work for women in the places that need it most.   Pondicherry is the name of a seaside town in India Devon loves, and India is where these fine cotton caftans are hand-woven by women, making a life for themselves and hope for their children. 

Here's to the power of that hope - from Pondicherie to Portland to the Pacific and beyond.  When you're at the beach, should you find yourself there wearing one of these lovely numbers, look to the horizon, far, far, to that fine line where ocean meets the sky. . . and you will see something coming toward you.  Something beautiful.  The hope of the world, the women of the world . . . rising. . .  rising like a wave.

All the Best,
Susan Hull Walker