Ibulliance: Honest Materials

For 12,000 years as human beings we have been making tools and we’ve been making jewelry; one to land ourselves on the Earth and one to connect ourselves to the stars. So says Katherine-Mary Pichulik, who founded the South African jewelry enterprise, Pichulik. Jewelry reminds us that we belong to something greater, bigger, vaster, she believes and so designs talismans for women, touchstones to take us into the deep mysteries of soul and sky.

It is a joy to introduce groups whose work so aligns with Ibu that we celebrate our coming together as though meant for one another all along, and I am honored to debut, at last, this celebrated line.

Pichulik is jewelry made by women—each piece crafted by one artist from start to finish in Capetown. And for women, evoking and celebrating in each piece the wise symbolic universe and mythology of women in Africa and beyond.

Katherine-Mary chooses up-cycled rope and stones for each piece to keep it organic and sustainable. And then jeweler's brass to keep it honest. It’s a base metal that’s been with us for centuries. It’s something you can always polish up so it lasts you forever. And there’s something sculptural and almost like a temple about it, statuesque.

Honest. Lasting. Organic. This is what I want in my new year. The mythology of women holding the curve of my face, the reach of my hands. Reminding me daily of others, everywhere, reaching for the same vast sky, mirroring the light of stars deep, deep in the midnight of our own common soul.

All the Best,