Ibulliance: In Full Swing

The confetti streamed, makers walked the runway with models, paddles raised, and the Fringe Revolution campaign began to swing! That was March 8 of last year when, celebrating the past ten years of the Ibu Movement, we launched an Initiative to double the impact in the next ten. Together with you, we set a goal to raise $2 million in order to launch our efforts—and, I'm thrilled to report—have met our goal ahead of schedule. I'm writing today with the deepest thanks to you, allies and advocates, for the generosity of heart that has set women around the world on this path from the fringes of their societies to the fore.

I want to share some of exciting growth already burgeoning because of your contributions.


New Initiative with Aspen Artisan Alliance

Peggy Clark, a 30 year leader at the Aspen Institute (including Exec VP, Founder, Global Innovations; Founder, Economic Opportunities; and more) is bringing her vast experience working for gender equity and international development to set up a dazzling new initiative at Ibu. This enterprise is now being shaped by our artisan partners to respond directly to their challenges and facilitate a thriving world wide web of women entrepreneurs. By this Fall, you'll hear much more about this brilliant new initiative. I feel so enormously lucky to have Peggy consulting with our team, working side by side with her in this groundbreaking work made possible by the Fringe!
Marketplace Expands Globally New Ibu-Sponsored Boutique in Islamabad
New artisan projects have begun, including an exciting experiment in Islamabad, Pakistan. Designer and Ibu ally, Samina Mahmud of SheWorks, received an Ibu grant to open a boutique store in her city showcasing the artful work of rural embroiderers, thanks to a generous donor. What a splendid way to grow the marketplace—in their own country. In the first few months of opening, the artisan's orders have risen five-fold. What an opportunity to expand the movement with a constellation of outposts around the world. Observing this success, more locations are under consideration.
Ibu Adventures Create Community Across Borders
Fringe Road Travel developed out of this campaign, at the request of many allies wanting to meet the artisans and experience their lives and work first hand. Ibu has led adventures to Kenya, Colombia, Morocco, and soon to Uzbekistan. Next year, trips to Peru and Southeast Asia are soon to be announced, helping us meet our financial goals and educating our allies through intimate, truly life-changing experiences.
Pillar Champions Seed the Work of the Next Decade
Pillar Champions make this work viable as we take large strides and provide needed stability as we grow. We daily celebrate Judi Embrescia, Amanda Flynn, Vickie Neighbor, and Leila Strauss for their role is furthering our four pillars, as well as the Barry Friedberg & Charlotte Moss Family Foundation in a generous challenge match which spurred many new allies to join our Movement. And to the many faithful contributors who keep us daily moving forward, I am enormously grateful.
Bringing Global Champions to You
Finally, our events continue to energize the movement, featuring our Global Champions and bringing together allies of like minds. Colombiana!, A Night in the Medina, each with panel discussions at the Charleston Library Society, opened up many new friendships with artisan leaders and between them. Stand at the ready for our next, better-than-ever gathering to be held around International Women's Day next March 7, 2025: The Waka Waka!With a rich celebration of the design renaissance in sub-saharan Africa and the women leading it, we’re adding a mini-summit to our fête, so to that those of you who don't live in Charleston may just want to make the trip!
These are large sweeping dance steps forward in the movement of women around the world, and I want to thank you for being an important part of these changes. Just the fact that you are still reading this means that you care. Thank you for that. Gratitude is the beginning of everything that flourishes; it's how we move forward daily. Thank you for being on this Fringe Road together with me—slowly, daily, refashioning this world to be a better home for women, and for us all.
All the best, 
Susan Hull Walker