Into the New Year

Today, many of us will begin something new. Me, too.

Each week, I write about artisans and other bits of life in Ibulliance. But there is so much more that never reaches the page. So, this year, I've decided to undertake a personally narrated trip daily through the world of Ibu on our Instagram platform.  

For 6 years, the creative Ibu team has managed our Social Media, highlighting the product and designs in our collections.  Now, I'd like to take a turn and share the things that inspire me and my work with Ibu:  design and other books that keep me fed, global women whose dress of identity shapes our designs, diverse beauty, vivid color and dye, remarkable Faces of ibu and their work, photographers and artists who intrigue me, issues facing women globally, travel inspiration, interiors showcasing global craft, and of course, the artisans and the amazing things they make.  Anything that guides and elevates my world of ibu is fair game.

If you don't already tap into our Instagram feed, I invite you to find and follow @ibumovement for a daily dip into the world of Ibu from the inside out. I look forward to hearing your responses and ideas along the way.

With a whole new year opening before us ~ here's to all of our new beginnings!