Into the Wide Blue

Hassana and her band of women needed space within which to work, and sewing machines to construct clothes out of their remarkable embroideries; and they needed lights, for they had none in their homes by which to see the quick needle and thread.  

What a joy to see these pictures arrive from Hassana throughout this year - the progress of block upon block, window after window - workspace provided by . . . you.   You and the Ibu Foundation have been building a home for hope in Zaria City, Nigeria. Hassana and the Queen Amina Embroidery Center will very soon have a room of their own where women can not only work, but in working, thrive, and in thriving, bring their children and families into a better life. 

The women who crafted a stunningly popular dress for Ibu last season (white damask with a rich nutmeg thread) have turned their sights to the blue of the spacious evening sky. Wear this deep blue and think of the women of Queen Amina; think of their unstoppable hope finding a home in which to live.  

We are, all of us, building out of our separate solitudes of the past year a new life. Let it be a life together; and let that together be so deep and wide that we along with the women of Zaria City can reach through it and touch the wide blue sky. And in our reaching, in our building, in our hope . . . touch one another as never before. One band of women, remaking the world.

All the Best,