Jewels from Morocco

First I noticed the silver amulets around the necks of friends, then the chunky rings, unusual earrings.  When I raved, they sent me again and again to the same source: Jewels.  Finally, a friend invited me to meet the wizard behind the curtain, taking me to Jewel’s house and studio for a private viewing, since there is no public access to her treasure.  I was overwhelmed with her collection of all things exotic: her 9th century ceramic beads from Mexico, Buddhist charms from Tibet, ancient bronze coins, fibula from Morocco, shell money from Papua Guinea, branch coral, French glass, stories each! all joined in exquisite settings that flatter the neckline, or the neck.  

It turns out that Jewels (yep, that’s her name, no surname required)  lives in Morocco and employs women artisans to create and assist with her designs right in her home studio in Marrakech.  A few months of the year, she also makes home in Santa Fe, and offers her drop-dead gorgeous pieces in New York and San Francisco.

And how about Charleston, I asked?  Jewels’ pieces are the perfect statements to accompany an ibu wardrobe.  Rarely pretty or dainty, what Jewels does best is bold.  Strong.  Powerful. Original.  Which is the essence of ibu.  The antique fragments she collects hold stories; they carry an energetic punch, if you know what I mean. She said enthusiastically, Yes. 

A suitcase full of rare and remarkable pieces are winging their way to Charleston next week for a Jewels Trunk Show that you will only miss if you are missing lobes in your brain.   Beautiful and talented Malkah, who runs things over at Jewels Designs, will spread a table of these creations for you to covet for the holidays.  And maybe even put around your neck, decorate your smart lobes, jingle jangle away.

I say:  Go ahead.  
Lead a life of amplitude.  
Wear a story that you love.  
Be BOLD in beauty.

all the best,

Susan Hull Walker


Jewels, center, and artisans at her studio in Marrakech

Ibu ambassador, Ali MacGraw, has been a Jewels fan, friend, and customer for 25 years.  In a Town and Country profile three years ago, Ali wore Jewels’ Hamsa necklace which brought down the phone lines with readers wanting to buy more.  But everything Jewels offers is one of a kind, collectible, and, well, glorious.  Come see for yourself and enjoy the party!