Love, Kenya

Meeting a few Maasai women in Kenya, Chrissie Lam thinks their beading skills are brilliant and asks them to make a bracelet holding one powerful word:  LOVE.  Chrissie is traveling around the world with a vague but powerful desire to do somethingand not knowing what, exactly.  She's left her job in corporate fashion and opened to life.  Now, this bracelet wraps her wrist. 

Chrissie travels with it, recording people everywhere talk about what love means to them; and that leaves a trail of stories circling the globe and a growing online movement and now, 8 years later, 1600 women in developing countries are making LOVE bracelets, and creating a life.

With each bracelet sold, Chrissie's LOVE IS project fulfills its mission of empowering thousands of female artisans through fair wages, healthcare, education, and more.  That's what Ibu is all about.  Sign me up!

Take a look at how many jobs have been created for Love! 
And in each country, a different bracelet made their own tradition.

I think about this tug, this desire to do something, even when we don't know exactly what it is. How do you take the next step? All I can say is that Chrissie trusted that tiny impulse, that nagging feeling, and followed it until it led to LOVE. And that's a pretty good place to be.  

I'm just wondering, where will it take you?

Susan Hull Walker.