Meet the Faces of Ibu


Each week, I celebrate here women of uncommon strength; artisans crafting a new world; Ibu on the move. But there is another kind of Ibu in this movement: women of influence and accomplishment among us who are reaching out to elevate women worldwide.  

This week, I am proud to present Faces of Ibu, Forces of Change: twelve ground-breaking women of substance and style who are leading our movement forward. In the worlds of business, design, publishing, advertising, opera, fiction, art, law, service, journalism, government, hospitality, and philanthropy, these women soar. They have broken through so many glass ceilings, when hanging around them, one can actually see sky. They hail from Mexico, Morocco, Haiti, Guyana, Sweden, Senegal, the South, the Midwest, the Southwest, and yes, New York. Each month, I will tell the story of one of these remarkable Ibu here in Ibulliance. Please share. I'm so excited to introduce you to these Forces of Change.

Five years ago, when Charlotte Moss spoke to a packed audience at The Gibbes Museum, I was lucky to be invited to an intimate party in her honor. Charlotte greeted me by asking if I didn't have a business that starts with an I . . . she had done her homework, as always. The next day, she was dropping by my house to see the work of artisans in my weaving studio - such was her curiosity and willingness to engage the new - Ibu was not yet even a place on earth, but an idea. She loved the work and the reason behind it; she lingered, and in that lingering, a friendship was born. 

Just recognized by Elle Decor as one of the Grand Masters of Design, Charlotte has been top of her game for 33 years in the field, crafting classic interiors with layers of history, pattern, color, beauty. She is a legend in the industry, amassing awards, honorary degrees, and designing product for powerhouses such as Brunschwig & Fils, Fabricut, Century Furniture, Pickard China, home fragrances for Agraria, and jewelry for P.E Guerin.  

In 2017, I asked Charlotte if she would design a collection of women's clothing for Ibu, and not only was the result  stunning, but the process was fun. What a learning experience to witness her design eye at work, her attention to detail, and her continuous fount of ideas spilling forth.

Charlotte names her fabric designs in honor of her muses – women travelers and explorers who pushed boundaries in many ways. "You knew what these women stood for" writes Charlotte, "they had a mission, and as a result, left us legacies that inspire. They are like guiding lights.”

Which is exactly how I feel about Charlotte . . . a guiding light. She works as hard for the artisans we met in Morocco as she does to bring life to an old estate; gives of herself as generously to the Bone Marrow Foundation as to each of the ten books she has written for Rizzoli. Now, 5 years later, Charlotte is returning to the Gibbes Museum to speak on behalf of Ibu at the launch of our new Ibu Foundation.  The circle comes around. I am honored to honor this remarkable Ibu and her generous heart ~ 

Susan Hull Walker