Seeing Eye to Eye

Seeing Eye to Eye

This week, pillowy soft wraps, ruanas, and sweaters are filling our shop. Each year, you love them more—we can hardly keep them in stock. I'm always wont to bundle myself in the soft alpaca, carrying the high mountain air, the creature's wild roaming spirit, the mother's patient love in each piece. 

The founder of Mothers In Action, America Durand, says it best herself:

We started in 2007 with only 12 mothers, nowadays more than 250 women from different communities of the Peruvian Andes have joined us. We believe it’s possible to create fashion with love and also preserve our planet. We offer luxurious designs for conscious souls.

Alpaca Wool
Mothers in Action: Our Cycle of Work

Alpacas live free in open eco farms, sheared only in summer.

No harm is done to animals, people, or earth.

Alpaca yarn is delivered to our different communities of knitters.

Each mother knits in her home while caring for her children.

Each garment carries the mother's name on the tag, and her hope.

MIA Peru provides constant support and training, and is fair-trade certified.

Each piece is carefully supervised, undergoing quality control, in their hub.

We make every effort to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle the organic materials.

No Harm To Animals

It's a joy to work with Mothers in Action, knitting together a more equitable, warm, and beautiful world. 

All the best,