Shine Like a Star

Stephanie Hunt is one of the truest women I know.  Deeply thoughtful, wisely funny, utterly humble, she is the perfect (and first) Board President for the non-profit arm of the Ibu Movement, I am daily grateful for her guidance as the IbuFoundation, only in its second year, grows into its own. You have heard from our outstanding Exec Director, Hannah Blatt.  Today I asked Stephanie to speak to you from the Board of Directors about what is inspiring her in this new, young, vital part of our Movement.  -  SHW
It’s amazing, really, what can lift our spirits. Amidst the immense gloom of this pandemic year, in the face of tremendous suffering and loss, we light candles; we may decorate a tree or bake cookies or sing festive tunes, and somewhere in it all, we find a semblance of joy.
For us at the Ibu Foundation, hearing directly from Anyieth in South Sudan or Wafae in Morocco is our version of lighting a candle, decking the halls. Our artisans bring us joy and hope. Their messages of gratitude, strength and perseverance in the face of Covid obstacles, on top of their ordinary challenges, is nothing short of a brilliant star in the cold night. We would all be wise to follow it. 
When you buy a dress from Ibu, the women who created it are paid living wages for their talents.  The Ibu Foundation goes beyond that . . . 

funding capital needs for work spaces;
 providing training to enhance productivity and design skills;  
providing relief through the pandemic when work was impossible - 

all of which allows women the chance to rise up into their fullest power.
Their children, families and communities, of course, will benefit in turn. 

Stars in a dark night have always guided us, and these artisans are doing the same. Leading the way to a more secure future for themselves and their loved ones. 

This lifts my holiday spirits, and I hope it does yours as well. If it does, then please consider making an end of year gift to the Ibu Foundation. 

Thanks to generous anonymous donors, all gifts up to $15,000 will be matched for the rest of the year.  This is your chance to truly make an impact, 
to double the light,
to shine ever more brightly through this dark year.

With gratitude and bright hope,

Stephanie Hunt
President, WeAreIbu