The Fringe Revolution Tickets are Live

The Fringe Revolution

Fringe. It feathers, frays, breaks out from the norm, claims the edge. Fringe flutters not in the centers of power but at the periphery—the ground women of the world know best. And so it is here, in their own frontier form of power, that women are edging toward real change.

Call this The Fringe Revolution. When women pick up the needle they wield or the shuttle they know perfectly how to throw, and come together with purpose, they begin to harness the skills they already own and turn them into earnings. They harvest their lived experience and turn it into education. They enlarge what they already do and turn it into leadership. The fringe becomes a hotbed of change.

Artisan Collage

As the Ibu Movement marches into our 10th year, we look around and find ourselves growing more than a movement. Say our partners around the world—it is a revolution. And it's happening—in societies and structures which systematically diminish women—in the marginalized places. Those disregarded edges now are alight with invigorating, exciting change.

To fan those flames and catapult global women into the next decade, we're inviting all allies and friends to join us for a fête on March 8, 2023, in Charleston, SC. Why, you might ask, do I want to be there?

To meet our artisan partners from Pakistan, Nigeria, Colombia, Morocco, Jordan, and Haiti. To witness a truly Global Runway of palpable hand-made excitement. Set to Global Music. While savoring unexpectedly fresh Global Cuisine. Bidding on Global Adventures and raising a Paddle for the revolution. Plus, it's International Women's Day, a moment to hold our sisters to the light.


Thrilled I am to announce that F. Schumacher, the venerable textile giant with arms around the world, has joined the revolution as Presenting Sponsor of our event. Frederic Schumacher, the founder, was two steps ahead of everyone else when he established his shop in 1889 on Fifth Avenue in New York. When it came to interior decoration, he had the uncanny ability to predict what was coming next and had the gumption to act on it. 130 years later, Schumacher continues to look to the future and get behind not only the gorgeous fringes in their collection, but the fringe element of women on the edge of change.

This is big. The runway will be one to remember. The luminaries overseeing this fête—Jaimie Dewberry, Amanda Flynn, and Mimi Van Wyck—are bringing their own brilliant light to the moment. The revolution is big, too. I look forward to sharing more of our vision with you over the next few months.

But first you've got to grab a ticket, going on sale this morning, We have people ready to jump and click, so this is not the time to hesitate. It's a warm and breezy time to travel to Charleston if you're not lucky enough to live here. This is a moment not to miss. You. Me. Us. Standing with women at the edge of change.

All the best,