What Matters in a Movement

What Matters in a Movement

The work of Ibu is a movement, requiring a growing surge of participants coming together for a shared purpose—in our case shining a light on global women dedicated to changing their lives and thereby those of their families and communities. You have joined our Movement; you are affecting progress and change. Thank you

As we speed through the final days before our Fringe Revolution celebration, we are excited to bring many new friends into our Movement. We asked three women who have been working tirelessly for months to co-chair our event—Jaimie Dewberry, Amanda Flynn, and Mimi van Wyck—why they want to give their time to support global women. I want you to hear directly from them.

Amanda Flynn, Jaimie Dewberry, and Mimi van Wyck

Jaimie Dewberry, and her husband John, were among the very first to put their faith in the new Ibu Foundation three years ago and give it legs—and the energy to move it forward!

After an inspiring Ibu trip together, Amanda Flynn, along with her sister and mother, have chosen to anchor one of the four pillars of Ibu supporting Artisan Engagement, making their travel experience a possibility for others as well. 

Mimi van Wyck agreed to bring her professional work orchestrating smashing events to our Ibu Ten Year Fête with rare aplomb and finesse—and generosity. We’re so glad she said Yes!  

Ibu: Why are you giving your time to this work with global women?

Mimi van Wyck: I support Ibu for my daughter. I do it for all the daughters around the world. It’s inspiring, motivational, and educational. Global women are weaving their story threads into the textiles they make which are worn around the world… they are doing their part to leave their mark and open doors for future generations.

Ibu: What is one thing you love about Ibu?

Jaimie Dewberry: What is not to love about any aspect of Ibu? My favorite thing is the connection I feel to the incredible artisans from around the globe when wearing any of the Ibu creations… not to mention that each piece is a conversation starter!

Amanda Flynn: I went to Kenya in May 2022 and saw firsthand the enormous impact that Ibu has had in elevating women’s self confidence, providing education and financial security for their families, and helping them to value themselves in their communities. One artisan spoke to our group so powerfully about not having any self worth until she started to get paid for the beautiful beadwork she creates for Ibu. Now, with new confidence, she said she wants to run for a political office!

Ibu: What are you most excited about for the upcoming Fringe Revolution event on March 8? 

MvW: Sharing laughs. Hugging old friends and meeting new ones. Experiencing the vibrancy of the textiles of Ibu. Learning about the journeys of the artisans who have traveled across the world. Being present. Remembering that nothing can replace in-person experiences.

AF: I can’t wait to see all of the ideas come to fruition at this over-the-top, fabulous fundraiser for Ibu! I want all of the attendees to see and hear from artisans themselves and be inspired to donate money to support over 100 women’s groups with whom Ibu works. I also want our guests to recognize how lucky we all are and how easy it is to make a difference in these women’s lives.

Ibu: Just for fun, tell us about a favorite Ibu piece that you own, or want to add to your wardrobe?
JD: Very few days go by when I don’t have at least one piece of Ibu jewelry on!. The coats and jackets are the easiest to throw on and feel so put together and special for any occasion! Without fail, every time I wear an Ibu jacket, at least one person stops to ask about the piece and the story behind it!

AF: I recently bought a weekend bag that is bright green, pink, and white and says ¡Hola! on it. It’s made by women in Guatemala. It makes me happy to look at it because it’s so fun and feels like spring!

We want you to know that whether or not you’re attending The Fringe Revolution, your alliance matters and makes a difference to many. Thank you for investing in change, one woman at a time.

All the best,
Lasley Steever
Director of Community Engagement