Mola Sasa x Ibu Movement

We are honored to partner with Ibu Movement for their Spring World Dress Collection in celebration of the launch of WeAreIbu.Org Foundation.

“While extraordinarily chic, Ibu World is a celebration of heritage and skill and women. The collection underscores our commitment to putting fair wage and ownership of design in the hands of women for purpose, empowerment and success.”

The collection highlights specialized and generational textile design techniques from all over the world – uniting women globally with a singular dress interpreted 25 different ways. Each design has its own story, its own dialogue but all together have the same goal: to change women’s lives by recognizing their skills, by empowering them and by dignifying their work.

THE KUNA DRESS is inspired in our Iconic and best-selling Jaguar Clutch.Reimagined in a new colorway, it maintains the original vibrancy and playfulness of the Jaguar Clutch. The result is a smashing dress in black/white appliqué with a golden leopard appearing from front to back.

For the Kuna community the Jaguar is a sacred animal that represents energy and power. By creating this dress we take a step further, with the hand of Ibu Movement, to connect artisanal communities to the world., is growing non-profit foundation that exists to support artisans for growth beyond Ibu, through business and design skills, training and equipment for expansion. Walker continues, “ provides key funding for these women and shows that we are committed to supporting them and the works of art that they create on a daily basis.”

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